When you’re looking for pieces of furniture to put in your hotel, the one thing that you want to be sure of is that you’re investing in high-quality pieces. Hotel Services, Inc. works hard to provide our clients with the best pieces of used hotel furniture liquidation, and we want to ensure that you’re all prepared to differentiate between those low-quality finds that you come across and the high-quality pieces that will be scattered among them.

Examine the Finish

One of the quickest ways that you can determine the quality of a piece of furniture is the finish. This can come down to a few different things depending on the piece of furniture. Whether it’s the material that was used, the finishing on the wood, or the quality of the metal that was used for the piece, you can get an immediate feel for furniture that was poorly made.

If you’ve handled multiple pieces of furniture you know that any peeling coats of finishing on wood pieces is a giveaway that your piece of furniture is far from quality wood. If the sealant that you’re seeing on your furniture is a faded yellow color you can also tell that the quality is less than desired.

The same type of approach will go for any material pieces — how were they applied and what does the look and feel of the fabric tell you upon your immediate reaction? You will know right off the bat if the finish of the fabric piece of furniture was cheaply done or if it’s quality.

Know Your Materials

When you’re looking for a piece of furniture that fits into your hotels look you will usually have a material in mind. That being said, you should do your best to learn about the material that you’re considering using. By having an idea of how heavy the material is, what types of coloration are going to be realistic for pieces made from this material, and what a good price range for furniture made from this material is, you can prepare yourself for the pieces that you find.

A good example of where knowing your materials will come in handy are pieces made from medal. Most medals are heavy, so if you go to pick up a piece that you’ve found and it’s light, you can assume that it’s not actually made from the material that you’re looking for.

You can also note whether or not the color that you’re seeing on the piece is natural or if it’s something that was artificially made. And last but not least, if you know how much pieces of furniture made from that material cost, then you can have a grasp on whether or not the price being asked for is actually a good deal or not.

You don’t have to understand everything about all the materials out there, but having a good understanding of the ones that you plan to use will be really helpful when it comes to purchasing used furniture.

Hotel Services, Inc. has an array of hotel bedroom sets that still have plenty of life left in them. Each of these pieces has been examined for quality and condition to ensure that you get the best for your buck! Browse the various pieces of furniture that we have and find something beautiful to put into your space!